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The development situation and market prospect of my country's valve industry


According to the data released by China Valve Industry Federation in 2017, in the first half of the year, the industrial added value of 13 sub-sectors of my country's valve industry all grew rapidly by double digits, and engineering valves and heavy mine valves grew rapidly. The chemical industry and electrical industry, which have a larger proportion in the total, contributed nearly 59% to the growth of the whole industry. According to the data, in the first half of the year, the comprehensive index of economic benefits of my country's valve industry was 169.55%, an increase of about 2 percentage points over the same period last year, and the profit margin of main business income was 5.33, an increase of 0.49 percentage points over the same period last year.

The vice president of China Valve Industry Federation said that the government's policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, the strong market demand, and the enhancement of the industry's investment capacity are all reasons for the high growth. Data show that in the first half of the year, China's machinery industry earned 65.2 billion US dollars in foreign exchange, a year-on-year increase of 36.15%, and the cumulative trade deficit was 1 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of about 2.6 billion US dollars. Cai Weici said that the trade growth mode of China's machinery industry valves has improved, the proportion of general trade exports with higher added value has increased, and import and export products have been gradually upgraded. High value-added products such as automobiles, CNC machine tools, and power generation equipment have become export products. Highlights. The valve market has a strong root in China.

Four major situations that the development of China's valve manufacturing industry will face:
1. The valve industry will continue the momentum of structural adjustment.
With the acceleration of China's integration into the global economic environment and the rapid rise of its economic power, China has become a dynamic economic region in the world. China's economic facilities are relatively complete, its industrial development is relatively mature, and its labor costs are relatively low. It has the comparative advantage of becoming a global valve manufacturer, and the valve manufacturing industry has obvious characteristics of export-oriented development.
The strengthening of the status is first manifested in the export growth of valve products in recent years: the export growth rate of main valve products is higher than the growth rate of production, and higher than the growth rate of sales in the domestic market; the main valve products are blooming, and the huge market and status Gravity will further attract the transfer of valve MNC manufacturing to China.

2. The capital operation in the industry will become more active.
In the environment of global competition, in order to gain a favorable competitive position and improve competitiveness, industrial capital is another theme of industry operation. From the perspective of competitive behavior, cooperation in resource sharing among enterprises is increasing.

3. Competition among channels is becoming increasingly fierce.
The pressure on quality has increased, and sales channels have become one of the key competitive factors, and the competition for channels has become increasingly fierce. The requirements of the international market for my country's valve products will gradually develop and change, and there will be higher requirements for the quality, packaging, and delivery period of Chinese products, and even gradually extend to the production process and product research and development, linking products with environmental protection, energy resources and human environment.

4. The market competition has turned into the competition of quality and technology.
With the deepening of competition, the profit margins of each stage of the valve industry chain are being compressed, and the room for price reduction is decreasing. More and more enterprises realize that price competition alone cannot establish core competitiveness and is not the direction of long-term development, so they strive to explore new development paths. Many valve enterprises have increased technical investment, developed new products with high-tech content, regarded product differentiation as a long-term plan for enterprise development, sought new market demand, and established new economic growth points to achieve enterprise sustainability. continuous development.