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Precautions for installation and use of ball valves


Ball valve installation

The installation position of the ball valve should be conducive to operation and maintenance.

When installing the money, it is necessary to check whether the specifications, performance specifications, technical requirements, and nameplate identification are consistent with the conditions of use.

Before installation, it is necessary to remove the dirt and rust in the valve to ensure that the sealing surface is clean.

Check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the packing is pressed tightly, whether the valve switch is flexible, and whether the position of the switch driven by other methods is correct.

The use of ball valve

The ball valve only acts as a switch, and should not be used for adjustment. It is not allowed to use under the conditions of exceeding temperature, pressure range and frequent alternating pressure conditions. At high temperatures, periodic tightening of the bolts is allowed to prevent leakage and minimize thermal gradients. Shock loads and high stress concentrations are not allowed at low temperatures.

Regularly add sealing grease and soft packing to keep the equipment in good condition.

The valve should always be in the open or closed position. When non-manually driven, the valve switch position should be consistent with the control console switch position and instructions to avoid misoperation.