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What symbol is used for the valve, do you know? Different valve symbols indicate the same


According to the domestic valve model standard, the valve model is represented by the valve type, valve drive method, valve connection method, valve structure form, sealing material, and valve body material code.

1. Valve type code: Z-gate valve, Q-ball valve, D-butterfly valve, P-drain valve, J-stop valve, L-throttle valve;

2. The drive mode code of the valve is represented by letters, the common ones are 2-electro-hydraulic, 9-electric, 6-pneumatic, 5-bevel gear drive, 3-turbine worm; manual does not need to be written out;

3. The connection form code of the valve is represented by letters, 1-internal thread, 2-external thread, 4-flange type, 6-welding, 7-wafer type, 9-clamp, 0-card sleeve;

4. There are many valve structure codes. Take the gate valve as an example: 0-elastic gate, 1-rising rod wedge type single gate valve, 2-rising rod wedge type double gate valve, 3-rising rod parallel type single gate Plate valve, 4-rising rod parallel double gate valve, 5-dark rod wedge type single gate valve, 6-dark rod wedge type double gate valve, 7-dark rod parallel single gate valve, 9-dark rod Parallel double gate valve;

5. R-austenitic stainless steel, T-copper alloy, X-rubber, S-plastic, N-nylon plastic, F-fluoroplastic, H-Cr series stainless steel, Y-hard alloy are used for sealing material or lining material respectively. , J-plastic lining, M-Monel alloy, Tc-ceramic;

6. Valve body material code Z-gray cast iron, K- malleable cast iron, Q-ductile iron, T-copper and alloy, C-carbon steel, P-chrome-nickel stainless steel, R-chrome-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel, V-chrome-molybdenum Vanadium steel.